Trackit | Hospitality and Events
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Increase Efficiency


Trackit’s hospitality kiosks increase efficiency

by streamlining the check-in process, providing

guests with information, and much more.


Increase Revenue


Trackit’s hospitality kiosks enable

revenue-generation by enabling businesses

and organizations to advertise offerings,

events, and information on the kiosk screens.


Elevate Guest Experience


Trackit’s hospitality kiosks improve the guest
experience by streamlining processes and
providing up-to-date information about
the area.


Content Scheduling


Schedule and update advertising and social
content for one or multiple screens, anytime,
and anyplace.

Attract New Customers


Draw new customers through the door with
social media word-of-mouth and referrals.

Increase length-of-stay

Increase length-of-stay and check sizes with
entertaining options like Trivia and Local Sports

Drive Repeat Visitation

Boost loyalty and return visits by creating a
genuine connection, and broadcasting future
events and promotions.

Screen to Mobile Activation


Leverage the existing habits of customers by
connecting the small screen in their hands
(their phones) with the big screen in
your venue.

Engaging ROI Experience


Direct social media behaviors towards your
screen to maximize engagement, and push
customers to mobile destinations like app
downloads and games with a quick scan.

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