Trackit | Industrial offices
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Secure Check-In


Trackit Technology’s check-in kiosks help companies provide a secure environment for employees and visitors. Visitors and employees can check-in, alert the necessary parties and fill out the visitor sign-in form from their phone via our screen to mobile activation.


Interactive Digital Signage


Trackit Technology’s interactive digital signage solutions engage employees and provide a platform on which companies can promote events, highlight company offerings, and share information.


Advanced Solutions


Equipped with thermal cameras. Our Kiosks are designed to help protect the health and safety of both employees and guests by preventing anyone with a temperature from entering a facility

Provide Access


Provide controlled access to corporate campuses, office buildings, meeting rooms, and employees.

Information Sharing


Increase length-of-stay and check sizes with entertaining options like Trivia and Local Sports

Maximize Employee


Boost loyalty and return visits by creating a genuine connection, and broadcasting future events and promotions.

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